Renown Hair Surgeon Art Katona, MD Returns from International Surgery Workshop with New Data on Propecia

ORLANDO, Fla.- In March 2002 Merck &Co. released results of a newly completed study on the effects of finasteride on hair mass. Finasteride, more popularly sold as Propecia, is one of only two medications approved by the FDA for the treatment of hair loss.

Released in conjunction with the Live Surgery Workshop on hair loss, the new data showed a net benefit increase in hair mass of 26 percent after 48 weeks, 36 percent after 96 weeks and 46 percent after 192 weeks.

“The information coupled with the five-year data released last April shows the multiple benefits of finasteride for the 50 million men in the U.S. troubled by hair loss,” said Dr. Art Katona.

“The five-year data showed 277 more hairs per square inch of scalp over those not taking finasteride. The increased hair mass means increased hair coverage for people on the medication. It’s very good news for us in the hair restoration field.”

Today, finasteride, the generic version of Propecia in conjunction with minoxidil are part of Dr. Katona’s standard patient therapy to maintain their existing hair after hair transplant surgery.

About Dr. Katona: Dr. Arthur Katona is a leader and innovator in the field of hair restoration. He has become one of the most well-known and respected doctors in the hair restoration field. He is diplomate of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgeons (ABHRS) and a Fellow of the International Society of Hair Surgeons (ISHRS). Dr. Katona specializes in both FUE and FUT hair transplant techniques in Miami and Orlando, Florida.

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