Beware of Discount Hair Transplants in Turkey

Hair transplant surgery has become very popular in Turkey due to several reasons. Firstly, Turkey has a long history of medical tourism, with a well-established healthcare system and highly trained and experienced medical professionals. This has made Turkey a popular destination for people seeking medical procedures at more affordable prices than they might find in their home countries.

Secondly, the Turkish government has encouraged the development of the hair transplant industry, providing tax breaks and incentives to clinics that perform these procedures. This has led to a boom in the number of hair transplant clinics in the country.

Unfortunately this has created a factory, assembly line approach with non-medical personnel often performing the procedure.

Dozens of procedures are performed, often at the same time on the same day and the extraction is done by non-medical personnell.

Poorly designed hairline design reconstruction is promotoed as state of the art.

In this video Dr. Katona's patient had an unsuccessful discount hair transplant in Turkey and was told about Dr. Katona and his experience performing FUE hair transplants on celebrity clients. He describes how comfortable and easy his hair transplant procedure was.

Internationally known hair surgeon Arthur Katona, MD warns patients about medical tourism where patients go overseas for discount hair transplant surgies. Unfortunately many of these patients cannot be helped or can receive only limited improvement after their scalp has been damaged from poor surgical procedure performed by unqualified personnel.

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